privacy policy

The personal identity and details of all Affiliates and Players will remain fully confidential. GoldenAffiliates will not report the affiliate commissions, winnings, or accounting details of any member. This is the sole responsibility of each affiliate member and or player.

In order to receive live assistance through the phone, email, or Live Help, you must provide your account number and password to the representative. Keep in mind that the password needs to be provided if the information you requesting requires specifics pertaining to your account only. Please take into consideration that passwords with offensive or pejorative terms will automatically ban your account from live assistance.

GoldenAffiliates recommends you change your affiliate password at least once every 60 days. To change your password, log into your VietBet, ChineseBookie, or BetAnySports account using your affiliate ID and password. Click on "Account" from the top navigation menu, then select "Change Password". You will then enter your new password.

Affiliates are solely responsible for their account transactions and should keep their account information confidential. Should a member give away, neglect, share, or lose his/her account number and/or password, GoldenAffiliates - VietBet will not be held liable for any claims regarding the account.

All accounts must have a correct phone number listed in their account information on the date(s) of all deposits. Use of an invalid phone number is grounds for possible forfeiture of any/all winnings and bonuses.

All accounts that use the internet to place wagers or for banking purposes must have a valid e-mail address on file. Failure to have a valid e-mail may result in the account being frozen or closed.

The affiliates referred players may only have one and only one account with the following group of books; VietBet, ChineseBookie, BetAnySports, BombayBets, NicaBet, 5Dimes, Sportbet, and IslandCasino. Also customers may have only one and only one account number per household, email address, phone number, and IP address without prior permission from management.

Bonuses will be removed from all unapproved accounts deemed to be from one entity. Use of mulitple accounts or names in order to receive bonus promotions or exceed limits is strictly forbidden and may result in the forfeiture of all funds received/won as a result of these actions. Contact Customer Support at VietBet, ChineseBookie, or BetAnySports if you have lost your active account number and or password to receive retrieval instructions.

The use of any telephone spoofing devices is prohibited. Any actions used to hide the true identity of the account holder are pohibited. Any such use or action will result in the closure of all related accounts and can result in the forfeiture of any player winnings and or affiliate earnings.

The use of IP masking, proxies, or any other method used to hide your IP is not permitted. Any method used for the purpose of hiding your IP is viewed as a violation of this rule and can result in the forfeiture of any player winnings and or affiliate earnings.

Bearding is strictly prohibited. If a player uses a third party to open accounts, place bets, or in any way hide the identity of the actual bettor, the account will be closed and funds, fees, winnings, bonuses, and affiliate earnings can be forfeited.

Any use of automated programs to scrape lines, place sports wagers, play casino games, or play poker is considered cheating and may result in complete forfeiture of account balance.

Management reserves the right to allow or deny electronic funding methods or any gaming features offered in our sites when verification irregularities/difficulties arise or issues with offshore establishments are reported to be regulated to your account (regardless if these reports are valid or invalid) or other evidence suggests it.